SetEdit For Humax OAK V3 0.32



Nieuwe versie beschikbaar !

Version 0.32 31.07.2001

-Turkish menu language added

-Test with VACI 5300 (SW HVC 1.01.06)

Version 0.31 25.07.2001

-Bug fixed (find channels)

-Invert selection added

-Make channels lowercase DISNEY CHANNEL -> Disney Channel, this makes the channel list better readable. (Note: Only words with more than 3 letters are converted, if there are upper and lowercase letters in the name it is not converted (ARD EinsMuXx is not converted)). You can enter in the infile textsequences that will converted or not. As default CNBC, ESPN and CDOM are not converted, CO, FOX, INT, HIP, HOP, DEL, DE, UNO and SUN are converted even if they are shorter than 4 letters. There are 10 sequences for not converting and 10 for converting.

-5600 with 5400 firmware added (Note: I couldn't test it, hat to program "blind", reports are welcome)




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