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Topfield 4000 bezitters... Nwe firmware

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Gisteren nieuwe firmware ( July 15 ) op de TF.tv site gevonden, maar vandaag nog niet op Astra :(


Haal de RS232 kabels dus maar even uit de kast .. :)



1. IRD status of July 15 2002 version

(1) system id : 206

(2) loader version : A3.06

(3) device version : v4.3.54

(4) application version : TF-JPC 4.57.43

(5) last update : Jul 15 2002


2. Improvements of this version

(1) The wakeup channel did not work in the version of June 12 2002. It is fixed.

(2) The system accessed the HDD while displaying the EPG even though wakeup_EPG and time_shift are disabled.

It is fixed.

(3) The menu strings of french language are refined.

(4) The bookmark was saved in the recording file in case of playback while recording.

The bookmark at this case is saved only in playback file.

(5) There were some cases that the duration of recording was longer than the user preset value.

In such cases, the successive delayed recording might be cancelled.

It is fixed.

(6) There was a problem in getting EPG with wakeup EPG disabled.

(It could be solved by re-searching the services.)

There were two cases for this problem.

(a) The channel data was scanned with the old firmware which is prior to the NVOD supporting version(Mar. 05 2002).

(b) The channel data was made or downloaded with the old STB manager which is prior to the NVOD supporting version(Ver 1.023).

It is fixed from this version.

(7) If you rename the service name to the maximum length and try to record that service, the playback will fail.

It is fixed.

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