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Guest hamed2002

HUMAX5400z HIC-10500+CAM_ToH21

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Guest hamed2002

Arabians, Hungarians and Czechs Font Fix

Auto-Channel Search with empty Settings hangup fixed

16:9-Scart-voltage must be permanent 6V when 16:9 is selected and "16:9/4:3 Auto-Switch" is off

suppress any messages from external CAM when +CAM is working

AC-3 Auto-appointment with fall-back to MPEG-Stream (only D0-Ident)


General DD fix for stream recognition fro some AV-Receivers

Symbolize +CAM Activity

Ident-Table included

Switch-Optimizing and Bugfixes

AU-Fallback for 06xx 17xx


CAM-Reset on 0-RCL

Macros for ON/OFF key allowed

Macro Mode Control Key with TV/SAT,EXIT or some other key

Display CI Window disable/enable

Scrollable list of CaID/ECM/Ident

AVP = Auto Video Pid disable/enable

ToH Menu to control all functions

Parser for CAT and PMT

Tic Tac Toc

Advanced Timebugfix

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Dat belooft weer veel goeds/moois voor de Hummie bezitters, bedankt voor het delen van deze informatie met ons!

Greetings, Black Tiger

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Guest JoostA

Zo, die heb ik vast op de Linux bak staan. Zal wel weekend worden voordat die er op staat maar toch: in veiligheid is-ie -:)

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