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Guest satwilly

Digitenne komt eraan!

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Guest satwilly


Dutch digital terrestrial television network Digitenne will start its

commercial roll-out in the north-western region of Holland in mid-April.

Cities that will be covered include Amsterdam, Almere, Haarlem and

Hilversum. The platform is currently being tested. Digitenne will

distribute 25 television networks and 16 radio stations for €8.95 per

month, which represents €1-2 less than the average monthly cable fee. In

addition there is a €29.95 installation fee, in which the smartcard and

antenna are included. Digitenne aims for a 3-4 per cent market share

(around 50,000 households) in the introduction region by end 2003.

Digitenne is not to be expected to reach national availability before 2005.

Digitenne is owned by NOB, Nozema, KPN and a consortium of Canal Plus, HMG,

NOS, SBS Broadcasting and MTV.


En ze zenden uit in Conax.....

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Zou het er nu echt aankomen?

Conax ? hmmpf da's raar.

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Op zich niet zo raar ,ten tijde van deze beslissing was de conax hack nog niet publiek en was dus als 1 van de weinige (videoguard) niet open:)

Aan de rand van de afgrond is een stap voorwaarts niet altijd vooruitgang

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Toch wel raar. C- zit er tot over zijn oren in, dus zou Seca 2 meer voor de hand liggen.

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