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nieuwe software nokia 9800S

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Guest skywalker

New Functions MA 2.0



Support for multiple channel deletion.

Timer TV and radio channels.

Support for Dolby digital sound. If available, you can select either the normal audio type MPEG or the enhanced audio type Dolby Digital, by pressing options (green button) or going to language preferences in User preferences menu.

Support for choosing different video tracks if available by pressing options (green button), e.g. viewing a sport event from different camera angles.

It is possible to search for a specific channel in TV and radio lists.

The channel lists are now sorted in alphabetical order.

Possibility to program recurring reminder (daily, weekly)

Support for DVB subtitling which is a new digital standard for subtitling.

Assigning the receiver a number. If you have several digital TV receivers, which use the same IR protocol for the remote control, you can use the same remote control up to four different digital TV receivers. You will find the new function in the menu "User preferences" and "Number on receiver"

If available, you can select the preferred CA system for decoding the current channel. The default choice is "Automatic".

Possible to clone box to box.

Enhanced Functions



The improved channel table allowing 5000 channels to be stored. 18 favorite lists holding 99 channels each, arbitrarily divided between radio and TV

Data channels will be stored in a separate list when doing a new channel search.

There are faster response time in menus, lists and reminder.

When using motor antenna channel change feedback is improved, the rotating wheel is shown in case of excessively long channel changes (approx 5-10 sec)

In all edit channels views (select, lock, rename, rearrange and remove) the STB will tune to the currently selected channel.

When editing a channel it is not saved until the user exit the view.

Transparency in tele text is implemented, use +/- button when teletext is shown

Improvements to the SW have been done to improve lipsync (unsynchronized picture and sound).

Improved first time installation, including e.g. simultaneous vision of signal quality and signal strength.

New menus for configuration of DiSEqC switch.

Updated satellite list for Sat-Scansystem

Nilesat added to the predefined channels.

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