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Guest alf

noonemanitmeu ???

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Guest alf

weet iemand misschien of er een text document is met uitleg over de werking van het noonemanit menu.


bvd alf

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Black Tiger

Volgens mij is daar geen tekstdocument van, maar als je iets wilt weten kun je het rustig vragen. Genoeg mensen hier die je de vragen kunnen beantwoorden, waaronder misschien ook ikzelf aangezien ik ook noonemanit draai.:)

Greetings, Black Tiger

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Guest alf

net de jamalversie erop gezet,vindt de letters wel erg dun.

maar hier dan mijn vragen over het menu.

ga er vanuit dat ik een ouwe leek ben maar bereid ben me verder te ontwikkelen.

waar dient de PID voor,staat leuk om uit te lezen maar weet eigenlijk niet wat ik lees.

ECM en EMM weet ik een beetje maar ook graag wat meer uitleg hierover.

hoe moet ik onder 5 last PMT uitlezen.

waar staan de cijfers in het begin voor bv ooo


010 enz

tot 090



en dan nog de view cam hoe moet ik dat zien.

of waar kan ik meer vinden over deze items.

ieder alvast bedankt voor de reacties.


bvd alf

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Guest trust

't is wel in't Engels




Once activated the main menu, in which I have supplied to render visible all thus the possible options (as I have made also in the menu expert), is approached the new menu " NoOneMan " with key " C here " (i will use the notation of the keys used from Uli). Here the detail of the several functionalities.


0 - PMT ECM PID Scan

If the selection in automatic rifle of the PID of the ECM had turned out wrong, you can use this menu; you obtain the directory of all the systems of codifies itself contained in the PMT with relative PID ECM and, in case of codifies SECA, also the relative IDENT. Selecting one activate that one like PID of the ECM.


1 - 1x CAM ResetInit

2 - 2x CAM ResetInit

3 - 3x CAM ResetInit

1 or 2 or 3 reset of the CAM with successive INIT of the same one will be carried out. Particularly useful for use it of the decoder with some known types of smart-card


CA system ID

It comes visualized the type of codifies current marked from the smart-card during the last one reset.



If also with function 0 the intentional result were not obtained, you can use this function for manually set the just PID of the ECM.


5 - Last PMT

Is be repeated here for commodity the possibility to visualize the last received PMT of the channel in vision.


6 - Autoswitch

Is possible to set up from the order of preference in I use here of the several codifies, independently from how much envoy from the smart-card at the moment of its insertion. As an example, if we activate V-I-S (that it means 1° Viaccess, 2° Irdeto and 3° SECA), going on a channel first firmware look if in the PMT exists a PID ECM for the Viaccess, and if this finds the CAM use it. If it in the second place does not find the Viaccess try with the Irdeto. If finally also thus the search fails, then try with the SECA. The first PID of the ECM that will be found following this order, will be that one used from the CAM.


7 -SECA reorder

Is useful for those provider SECA that they use to send in the PMT more relative PID to various IDENT, of which some quite they are bogus. With this option activated, the program, before choosing the PID of the ECM, will carry out reorders of those SECA in such way to put to the first places those just ones, and to move instead in bottom those bogus.


8 -CAM

The type of CAM must be set up that we have. Obviously if decoder is 9200/9500 will be possible one not to set up nothing of various from " Embedded ", while for the 9600 you must to be set up the type of present CAM Common Interface. Is particularly important as an example to choose that just one in the cases of Aston 1.03 (for the visualization of Stream) and FreeCam.


9 -View SECA PBM

If in the present PMT is one or more SECA codifies, you can view for each the date, codified and decodified, and the PBM.


A -Next Menu'

From it is passed to the successive menu here that at the moment is nearly all disabilied. ; -) I have suspended the realization of the visualization of the EPG of D+ because they have begun to send the EPG also as the Dvb standard.




After all the better operation (to part the case of Aston 1.03) is obtained with CAM of type Embedded (9200/9500) or FreeCam (9600), SECA reorder ON and Autoswitch V-I-S. With these parameters I have always obtained to pass from a channel to the other without some problem independently from the type of codifies used. This will be possible agrees above all that if they will be used settings in which is put to ON it is AutoPMT that AutoPID. In these conditions you will not be some necessity for not adopting a position PID PMC for the ECM.




The program, obviously for the single part of my modifications, can to be free copied, distributed, modified and other, provided that always comes cited the author, than however it maintains the right of property. To the contrary this program can NEVER NOT TO BE USED To FINE OF PROFIT, LUCRO AND/OR HOWEVER COMMERCIAL.




Obviously I do not want and not I waited for me some type of compensation. However i will appreciate what if someone, satisfied from its I use, will send any type of data of official subscriptions (HMK, PPUA, IRDETO, SECA, VIACCESS..). This to the aim... ALSO (:-D) to implement the successive developments that I have in mind and for which i will need of testing the effective functionality with all the types of codifies.




Although he is wide available to listen to every type of critic (positive), suggestions, comments etc., however are at the moment engaged enough for being able to guarantee to anyone answers. Normally the only forum that I attend with a minimum of regularity, but truly minimal, is that one of MadeInMalta, section DVB., even if also posting insistently even sometimes you will therefore not see answers, not angry witn me, indeed I now ask you excuse but evidently will to say that other engagements me will have rendered impossible. However in case of doubts or questions, the suggestion is always that one: listened, tried, you read instead asking endured, because generally thing that ta being attempted is nearly always be said. And thus making moreover is sure to always catch up levels of greater acquaintance, rather than to wait all " always ready ".


Good vision, but above all... good fun!

NoOneManIt - ©2001


Automatic translation by Altavista

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