Codicrypt ?



Sommige kanalen in de Alpha Digital mux zijn simulcrypt Viaccess/Codicrypt. Iemand ooit gehoord/bekend met de laatst genoemde scrambling methode ?



THNX ! ;-)

ALPHA TV (Greece) Selects Scopus Digital Broadcast Platform

Tel Aviv, August 9, 2001 Scopus, a leading supplier of digital compression technology to the broadcasting industry, announced today that Alpha TV, Greece’s largest private television broadcaster, has selected Scopus to supply it with a full range of platforms to its first new DTH (Direct-To-Home) service.

Alpha is using Scopus' CODICO® platforms for broadcasting 24 video and audio channels and an additional 8 radio-only channels throughout Greece over two transponders. The DTH application improves Alpha abilities to reach its subscribers with more local content that is important for improving local coverage of events and bringing prior existing content to subscribers.

For Alpha's DTH application, Scopus is providing end-to-end encoding and statistical multiplexing systems. For Alpha TV, Scopus has created platforms that support both ViaAccess and Scopus’ proprietary Codicrypt conditional access systems providing Alpha with more access to encoded content.

"We selected Scopus' DVB solutions last year for the program contribution of both Alpha TV and Polis TV in Greece. Now we are expanding the system to a full DTH platform for our digital bouquet of more than 20 Channels that we will soon deliver to Greece," said Constantinos Colombus, Chief Engineer at Alpha TV. "We are encouraged by Scopus expertise to provide Alpha with the technological solutions that support both open and proprietary platforms."

"Scopus' working with Alpha TV is an important aspect of our strategy to cover the Mediterranean Basin," commented Chen Landau, Scopus Sales Director. "This DTH system, allows Alpha greater abilities to provide what their customers require, more local coverage. At Scopus, we believe in giving our customers cost-effective and the high quality tools they need to make bigger imprints and thus successes in their home markets."


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