dbox I defect



Hi to all hardware specialists!

I'd like to know th reason for following dbox-I defect:

TV-colors & dvb2000 colors are wrong (black = grey; green = pionk). The TV-picture sometimes switches back to normal for half a second. Apart from that, the box und the tuner are OK. Has anyone got an idea how to repair this? Which components could I change? Please help, I'm addicted to my dbox.

Thanks in advance, benny_w

Have you already tried to reset back to factory defaults?

The tuner should be in standby mode. Then push all three buttons on the tuner at the same time, but take care it does not start.

Then with your remote control, push the receiver to ON while holding the three buttons with your other hand.

Now you should see for a split second the message "reset" on the display.

Maybe after that, the receiver wil work properly again.


Thanks for the prompt answer. I've already tried that out. The dbox' picture still is pink & grey. Any other ideas?

tia, benny_w

I've tried another scart cable and another TV. Same picture in "beautiful" pink. Reminds me of CGA graphics.

any other ideas?

tia, benny_w


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