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Onderstaand artikel heb ik gevonden op een Italiaanse site, de vertaling is een beetje houterig door de on-line translator (mijn Italiaans is niet zo best) gekomen maar de strekking is wel duidelijk.

'Dramatic turn of events on the decoder only. Murdoch buys Telepiù and receives the Goldbox like decoder of the future. This a possible scene of that that it waits for to us. Of sure the two operating ones they will not respect not even the last term for the presentation of the decoder only, that it expires to fine April. Jean-Marie Messier, the executive head of the Vivendi Universal, shareholder of majority of Telepiù and Rupert Murdoch, president of the News Corporation, one of the societies that control Stream, have been based, the week slid to a table common in order to find an agreement. The Italian press has not given some prominence to the vicissitude that instead is brought back on newspapers, economic and not of average world. Hour the Financial Times dedicates wide space " to the possible fusion " between the two operating ones in Italy: this agreement would go however against the directives of the EEC and the laws of the Italian State in matter of Antitrust. While but something also I move: in the bouquet of Stream a channel with identificativo SECA has appeared, on which the issuing Roman it is carrying out the first timid tests in this codifies. And to when D+ in NDS? While the news circulates that the issuing one of Via Piranesi will not abandon the Irdeto this month, but only the june month. It will be true?'


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