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I used Millenium to program my first ( Gold) card. Few days ago I used remote code for C+ channels and etc.... At that time I found out that this is a french languague package :sad:

I'm interested in receiving Nick and Nick Jr, Disney, Cartoon ( for the kids), and also Discovery, some movie channels and sports for the rest of the family.

What package should I look for ( and the codes )?

I should mention that I have Seca Aston 1.5 and IRDeto ( but I didnt program anything in IRDeto area yet...)

Where can I find instructions on the CORRECT way ( detailed) to punch in the remote keys? Maybe I messed up doing it...

Thank you in advance....

Yesterday I send the adress of an website to the moderators of te board to put it on the fun board.The site give a lot of information about english channels etc.

i put it on down loads and links.The site is from dr. Hans etc.


Correct. But the download and links area is moderated so postings must be checked by a moderator before they come online.

I checked it today and the link is now to be seen in the Download and Links forum.


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