HBEMU 0.8300



Nieuwe HBEMU 0.8300

werkt goed!

dit is anders

User Interface greatly enhanced: It is now possible to change all provider settings via UI. (Issues: Add and delete provider is non functional in this release, WindowsCE Dialog for Viaccess still looks awful). Use "File" - "Provider Setup" from the menu.

Viaccess CBM (equivalent of SECAs PBM is now also compsed automatically). Set CBM (PBM) to 0 to activate.

NDS ECMs are recognized via Irdeto SE4.6/4.7/FreeCAM CI/HUMAX internal CAM (If someone knows algorhithm and/or keys, I can implement this).

Lot's of timing problems resolved. Delay Parameter no longer needed. Just use ATRDelay=20 for nearly all CAMs. Also use protcol T=1 (SECA, Viaccess) or T=14 (Irdeto) for fast communication and T=0 for compatible (and fast enough) communication. Use "File" - "Comm Setup" from the menu.


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