High Mode (Mode 3) on a Num30 with a command

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Welkom Roland, nice to see you around here.

Nice work mate :)


Captain Picard

Als ik op de link klikt moet ik mij melden c.q. inloggen !!!.Daarna lukt het niet meer. Wat is de bedoeling hiervan???


Dat komt omdat de link verplaatst was naar het moderatorforum omdat ie in Nieuws en Info stond waar hij niet thuishoorde.

Een werkende (als het goed is) link is nu te vinden in het Coole Links of Coole Files forum.

Hi Roland! Did try SCE2.19 on a blue Premiere Num30

It works! First I wrote 0B 00 etc on p01 51 but it must be 50 and then it goed to mode3 without pain ;-)

The rest I copied from a dutch card.

Only 1 thing I could not really imitate, the PPV record, which is original a Dx record.

Record 000C = 00 00 00 00 00 14 49 00 00 00 00 D1

I did write 42 14 49 00 00 but this does not create the record.

42 14 49 00 01 does but then te record looks like

Record 000C = 00 01 00 00 00 14 49 00 00 00 00 D1

With the 43 nano I could not change it back to 00 00

Maybe it is just silly to make this records becaus 0019 does not uses it, but it's just the fun to create a chinese copy (grin)

Thanx for the nice proggy. Now it's to find out how to put a 41/41b in mode 3.

Is the only way the "dirty"trick with cardwizzard (reset until it sleeps and hope its in mode3) or do you know a second way?

ps. I have 2.20 now. creations of key/b0 etc records i do manually because i can dream these commands now ;)

Hello Roland

First , very nice that you posted the news about the high mode with sce 219/220. on the THE SATELITTE FUN BOARD.I have just downloaded. It seems that is is also possible. in a short time

to bring the version 40 and 41 in the high mode.I have several white cards version 40. to bring it in the high mode.In what time do you expected to bring the card 40 in the high mode with one mouseclick.At the moment I want to bring my 40 card in the high mode with your program sce 220, you never know.Or shall I wait!!


I don't know exactly but I think it is possible because all 30 have the same systemkey. When the systemkey of Num40 is known it might work. Or am I wrong?

Another Question about Num30, I read once that it does not support superencryption over a 16 byte key, is that true?

1. i just uploaded a new version 2.21 with a new research tool, you can automatically try to find more mode switching keys. i used the known models of generating those, but maybe they are completly different on a num20, 31, 40, 41, 60.....


if there are suggestions, i can implement new testing rows.

@satslope : num30 doesn't support control-word-superencryption (ECM).

@all : I'm sure, there are some keys to bring all Num to high mode....but we have to find them.

PS : and yes, we need to know the systemkey of num20, 31, 40, 41, 41beta, 60....




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