First sorry for being english i would like some help with the mediabox i have it a philips but can not get any files to work with it any pointers would be fine mainly for palco and tequilla and kisque the rest are fine

This probably has to do with the regional code of the mediabox.

Sorry, can't help you any further due to the regulations of this board.

The problem you are expieriencing is due to the software in the box, this would need to be pattched.

People are allready working on that patch you hold tight for a while and you may see a solution for your problem.

Sorry for being English? why? no shame in that

Do you have the german premiere mediabox? There is original spanish firmware for that. You have to exchange the 2 eeproms for that. (or erase and reprogram). I think it is not illegal to do this because then you still need an official spanish viewing card.

A site about this receiver:

Note that you can't find any codes or patches that emulate a smartcard on this site so I think it is allowed to post it here.

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