PCM Edit & HDF Check voor Humax



Sorry, even de copy posting (in Engels) naar aanleiding van diverse vragen over de 2 tools;

As published before, here some explanation about PCM-Edit and HDF Check (thanx to Alfredo);

PCM Edit;


Provider = Name of the channel - only as a remarker

Service-ID = the Service ID in Decimal as found in any Lyngsat Table - this is unique for any channel on a satsystem

CA-ID= the CA-ID in Hex like 0100 for SECA 0500 for VIA and so on

ECM-PID = the ECM-PIF for this channel - the 01 05 .. .. commands are send with this ID - easy to find with the D-BOX...

IDENT= the Ident in hex for this channel - 0019 is SECA for C+ NL, 0004 is CSAT Fr, 000C = CSAT SP...

thats all.

The Humax searches first after channelswitching for the Service-ID - the it looks in this table. If an entry is found, the the Hunax takes the values to program the CAM.

If no entry is found, then the Humax tries to find the

correct values by itself. But often this does not work correctely, because there are many simulcrypt channels and the Humax can not find the right CA-System. So this settings are needed to show the right way....

Send the table by pressing "SEND TO IRD"

HDF Check:


Tool developed for checking an original Planet Hemp firmware, since people started to edit PH firmware it became annoying to see complains about the firmware not working, or not doing what it should do.

Since there is only ONE person capable of editting +CAM firmware in the right way (Planet Hemp) a tool was developed to show you it's really a PH version.

HDF Check from our site will support PH firware checks up till the latest 2002d version and also 2002d-NL (a version with dutch language support).

Firmwares NOT passing the HDF Check are considered to be edits from PH firmware without his permission and could be dangerous and may become instable soon. We'll see.

See our special page and our hdf check page on the main site.

c-ya !



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