PLEASE Help Multiprog 2000



I have a serious problem with my “Multiprog 2000”.

I’ve used this programmer succesfully for a long time, until a few days ago, when I left it connected for

About 5 minutes. When I looked again to the programmer display it flushing continuosly “ROM?” and I cann’t use it any more. I whrote to the manufacturer and I told them about my problem, the answer was to send the programmer back to the shop ,where I bought it from, in order to sort out the problem.

The thing is that is allmost impossibile for me to send it back (because I leave in an other country and it would be too expensive for me).

My question is if anybody could tell me why has this happened? Could it be a virus in my PC or in the used files ? ( I used Norman antivirus progam with an updated list of virusses.)

If yes , how can I prevent this to happened again?

Reloading the BIOS in the programmer will it solve the problem and if yes if you could tell me how can I do it myself, even if some special connections would be neccesary?

I would be very gratefull if anybody could give me any information about my problem.



I don't know why this happened but something seems to be wrong with the firmware of the programmer or the rom where the firmware is in.

There is a programm that let's you update te firmware of the programmer, you could try using that. It can be found on . If that doesn't help you'll either have to solder a different rom on yourself or send it back to the shop.


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