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27 feb 2022
dear all exparts,

i have issue with my card irde to 0639 start surf lock any body have any solutions...

No, Not in this Region.. Don't know any provider that uses it here. Surflock is Irdeto's way of blocking Cardsharing much like M7 SID limit. It is not handled by Oscam (or any Other softcam) but handled inside the smartcard.

This has nothing to do with getting the card working in OScam. For that you need the card's boxkey, rsakey and CWPK. And this still doesn't get rid of surflock!
yes i have these all cw pk rsakey boxkey..
Which proves my point! Surflock is an internal card feature and can’t be changed by OScam. You need to change the smarcard’s firmware and that will prove to be next to impossible…
but sir some peopls have a oscam this oscam surflock ...
As I said in PM, then they have a Private NON PUBLIC version of Oscam.
If you know people who have that, ask them where they accuired that version.

I can tell you now, that it won't be cheap, we don't have surflock overhere and also no 0639 CAID.
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dear sir,

if he tell me than i don t need to post any where i buy but he not tell me thats y i ask in this forum...
Well as you can read, unfortunately we can't help you here, you have to try somewhere else.
No one on this forum has it.

Solution for excample:

5 channel surflock and 100 channels to clear

Use 20 cards and set 5 different sids to each card/reader
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how make setting with 5 channel in 1 card and 10 card 50 channel can you excample please...

This is the official OScam WiKi where all parameters are explained.

It also means you have to find IT out by yourself as you are phishing for illegal usage.. No help here...
We have been on the border of our rules and now also over the border of the rules.
We have explained already a couple of times that we can't help you here, that kind of help you unfortunately have to find somewhere else.

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