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viaccess auto-updating


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8 feb 2001
Deze vond ik als posting op sathackro, ter lering ende vermaak:

This is the truth about lotfinet Viaccess AU files:

No way for these files to be AU because for now only NTV & SRGSSR are using AU feature, all other providers use (& used from the beginig) key08, this key08 never changed till today ... so no need for AU on absat, tps, arabesque ....etc.

The AU is carried with command 18 ( CA 18 0x 0k ll) ... this soft (lotfi_AU) treat the ca18 like that :

receive the instruction data & tells the decoder that key08 is present & no need to update it (SW1&SW2=9100) ... if there is a real update it will not get it cause it is not treating the ca18 data.

This is really a big lie cause no one of viaccess providers send key08 as un update (they can't) .... & I can say to anyone who said that: "we try it" remove key08 & try the AU & i give 1.000.000$ if this happen.


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