August 1,2001 : What's new in Bermuda


-Viaccess : Direct Convention can be used now in viaccess : There is a new option

in the port settings 'Direct Conv.' to enable using Direct Convention not the usual

inverse Convention.For Direct Convention mode the parity must be Even.Communication

is somewhat faster this way because the Bytes don't have to be reversed.Note also that

increasing GuardTime will slow down CAM/Season communication and decreasing the

GuardTime will speed it up.GuardTime Values are valid when using ATRs that have the

TC option.Extra GuardTime is used for ATR with TD option.

-Viaccess CA 18 option 2 added : to update on MK00 enter the card serial/ua under

'ISSUER' and the PPUA under the provider to be updated for example :

in 'ISSUER.' Card Serial :00 C1 0F 3F XX and PPUA C1 0F 3F XX

in 'SCT' PPUA : C1 0F 3F XX and MK00 : ...... that's all.

-In MediaGuard and Viaccess : Keys are listed in Hexadecimal and MM Remote Formats

as they arrive.e.g :

31/07/2001 12:48:49 : CYFRA+

Subscription :30/06/2001 To 31/08/2001

Existing Key [0D]A53948BBE22EDFB3

MM Remote : 3620 4211 5112 4433 7324 3715 6836 4427

Autoswitch tussen Irdeto en Seca.

Viaccess ben ik nog aan het uitproberen


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